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capturing the little things and the big feelings is what lights me up!

I am a nerd, like, a huge nerd. I have reread every single Roald Dahl book and love to live my life with a childlike wonder. I can listen to audiobooks on social psychology all day long. I love food so much that I bounce a little when I talk about cooking. I get way too excited about any animal that I get to hold, and I can’t help but kiss and hug everyone’s baby all the time (except during COVID)!

light is my

favourite word


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I am a Mama

this is my daughter Lyla and my handsome partner Paul

I love people so much! It’s cliche, but it’s true. I’m a mother to my beautiful daughter, Lyla, a lover to my partner Paul, and a daughter to my Mama/bestfriend Janet. I spend my free time surrounded by my amazing family and friends. Being around and meeting new people provides me with so much energy and joy.


Ash Nayler Photography, Peterborough Portrait Photographer

I’m a Business Woman

Owner and Photographer

I started my business and studio in downtown Peterborough over 18 years ago. At the age of 12, I decided that photography would be my life and my career. Even if you paid me a million dollars right now, I would continue to photograph people for as long as I am able to walk. I simply cannot imagine myself in another career.


I'm an animal lover

Farmer & gardener

I live on a big farm just outside of Peterborough, so when I am not shooting or editing, you will find me with my hands in the dirt, or feeding our chickens and ducks. In the summer months I fall asleep most nights with messy hair and dirt in my finger nails. My life is full of documenting love and working on a farm. And my absolute favourite thing is to bring those two together. Having clients out to my farm to experience this life and be photographed out here in our fields and forest is a bit of dream come true.