Continuation of my 365 Self Portrait project (month 6)

April 1, 2016

After 3 long years I am restarting this crazy project. This time I hope to finish. This month has been quite the roller coaster of a month to start. I have been to NYC, and Edmonton, I have spent a week renovating a very trashed rental house, I have driven back and forth to Toronto many times, shot a wedding, and many portrait sessions. I have so much love in my life, and that causes me many highs and lows. It’s so good though, to feel so much all the time. There was some time that went by in the last few years, when I felt quite a bit numb. Lately I feel so alive, like I am deeply feeling every little thing that happens.

This time around with this project I want to do things slightly differently. I want to get more personal, and talk about what I have learned or reconfirmed each month, about myself, about others, about business, or even about cooking. So here it goes, this is a list of what I have learned this month

1.Loving people no matter what always feels worth it to me. Some people tell me I’m too trusting, or a bit naive, or that I get taken advantage of. But I don’t really care, I would prefer to love people first in as many situations as I can.

2.Things aren’t usually as bad as they seem at first. I tend to freak out a little bit when I get any sort of bad news, but as soon as I talk to a friend, and start thinking logically, the problem always seems to feel better, feel easier, and more manageable. So I’ve learned, that I need to learn to be calm until I get all the info I need.

3.Physical labour, is hard, but so so rewarding. Especially when you have friends and family around to help you out

4.I love speaking at photography workshops and seeing how I can inspire people and make them leave all excited to go home and do something awesome with their own business.

5,Cooking is very therapeutic for me. If I am having a bad day, going home and cooking a full meal for myself makes me feel so much better, emotionally and physically.

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Continuation of my 365 Self Portrait project (month 6)black and white self portraitContinuation of my 365 Self Portrait project (month 6)blurred self portraitquiet self portraitsoft self portraitupper manhattan selfportrait grand central station selfportraitnew york city subway self portrait grand central station self portraitup close self portraitbrooklyn bridge self portrait tattoo self portraitmother daughter self portrait dark self portraitsun flare self portraitblack and white self portraitside profile self portraitsmile self portraitred hair self portraitDUMBO self portrait brooklyn self portrait dark room self portraitmirror self portrait
stair well self portrait red hair white sheets self portrait rainy day self portraitself portrait movementpainting self portraitbath tub self portrait